Production V6 TDI for the Amarok


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  1. Rob Bennett says:

    When is the Amarock coming to Canada. Would be a fantastic machine with the 2.0l TSI & 4Motion AWD, for the northern part of this big “Rock” we call home and love.

  2. Chris Buder says:

    This truck has “Canada” written all over it. Between the US and Canada, we are truck country, and with the crazy fuel prices here a truck like this would, one, thrive like crazy here in Canada, especially with all the previous VW owners, as well for those type of people that want a truck but can’t see them selves paying the high fuel price with owning a full size truck. I myself have a Ford F-150 Ecoboost, and even though it is one of the most fuel efficient trucks (depending on how you drive it) it still cost me over $100 in fuel per week. I would most definitely look into buying a truck of this caliber, and with the V6 TDI that has been talked about the towing would probably be quite impressive. I personally want to see this truck in Canada sooner than later, Volkswagen please start shipping this truck our way, you won’t be disappointed with the sales.

    Just my thoughts,

    C. Buder

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