Hanover Production

First apologies to anyone who deeply respects the name of Hanover, I suspect that the Germans spell it Hannover. Regardless the Wikipedia articles in indexed as Hanover, but mentions the other spelling (Hannover) in the opening sentence.

I found an article that mentioned about global production switching to Hanover, this was the first mention of this that I had seen so I commented and the author corrected their article, European production has switched to Hanover. This has cut lead times by around 8 weeks, the article also indicated that it takes three and a half days to build an Amarok.

Since we are probably a year or two away (my own estimate) from an Amarok hitting Canadian shores, increased production can only be a good thing. If current global demand can not be satisfied then adding additional markets can’t be a good thing.

In a lot of cases the Amarok is sold from the VW commercial vehicle division and I am beginning to see a trend in articles that talk about Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Basically if I buy an Amarok and only have to put fuel and the occasional maintenance into it then I add up all of the costs over the life of the vehicle, don’t forget insurance and licensing. Now compare that to Brand X vehicle which may have a cheaper starting price but the parts are cheaper and I have to spend more money keeping it on the road, at the end of the life cheap vehicles life I have spend more so the TCO is higher, starting price is not the only thing to consider.

A review of the Amarok that brings this briefly into consideration was one that was aimed at the commercial truck market in Australia. Other than the brief mentions of the TCO, it mentions the behaviour of the 8 speed automatic when it settles into highway cruising speed at 1800 rpm with zero engine noise. The response of the four wheel system was also mentioned, wheel spin causes the vehicle to reduce power to the slipping wheel, this is a bad thing if trying to navigate snow or mud, but one click on the “Off Road” button had all power returned and at the reviewers disposal.

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