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I’ve been monitoring the number of viewers that I have seen on this site for the last few weeks and it occurred to me that it would be useful to have a way to contact everyone who visits if they want an update. So I have installed a WordPress plugin that creates a Newsletter.

My current plan is to allow people to sign up and I will plan on sending out an update email every three months to remind people that they have subscribed and provide a link to unsubscribe. When substantial information on the Amarok in Canada becomes available then I will send out an update.

I have no plans on making any email addresses collected available to anyone. If VW were to ask for a list of potential buyers I will tell them how many subscribers that I have and send out an update asking people to visit a page for more information.

I will be tweaking the design and the information that I will be collecting in the next couple of days so if you sign up early please come back in a week to update your profile if you want to and I apologize in advance if I accidentally spam anyone in the first week.

Sign up here.

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  1. Mukhtar Ahmad says:


    I will be part of the first bunch of people who will place an order for Amarok Diesel.


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