Amarok Rear Bumper

I found an article over on┬áthat show a pretty nice setup for the rear bumper on the Amarok. I’m not certain how it connects to the bumper or if it is quickly removable or not.

I’ll try to find out more information and post a link or two.

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  1. steve says:

    I showed the picture to a friend and he indicated the obvious, it’s an insert. So all of my searching which was coming up blank suddenly made sense. I modified my keywords and I quickly found a vendor for this. It is an insert/passthrough that will hold a full size spare, and optional jerry cans or hi-jack. Me want… as soon as I get my Amarok.:)

    Universal Hitchgate by TireGate

  2. Ocelot says:

    Someone has fitted an ARB rear bumper to the amarok as well… dont know if it’s a one off or what

  3. Nicolai says:

    Hi guys, this is actually our Amarok!
    It is in fact as Steve said, hitchgate with cannister holders by tiregate.

    They sell two models: center and offset. I strongly recommend going with the offset because it will better fit pick-up tucks because of the back door when you open it.
    Note they also sell a slightly different cannister holder for plastic cans that will fit your scepter cans.

    We’ll be sending another amarok to tiregate for them to design a specific model so stay tuned!

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