Quiet Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was very quiet for me this year, just spend time with friends and family.

On the Amarok news front it has also been quiet, a few minor news articles, but nothing major, especially nothing related to Canada. About a week ago when I was writing the quarterly newsletter, something occurred to me. VW has stated that they are assessing the possibility of bringing the Amarok to Canada, when would be the perfect time to bring in at least a couple? The yearly Auto shows that will start early next year. A couple of nicely equipped Amaroks would look nice in the VW booth and allow VW to gauge the public’s (and the press’) response. I’ll be watching for news of upcoming models for the Montreal and Toronto Auto shows and maybe planning a road trip.

Are any of my regular readers also regulars at the Auto shows? Would you make a special trip just to have a look at an Amarok up close if you knew that there was one going to be present?

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