VW Amarok on Facebook

So there is a Facebook page dedicated to the VW Amarok, I’ve never bothered looking to see if it is authored by a fan or by one of the global VW groups that sell the Amarok.

Regardless of who is behind it, they recently shared a link to this article, it indicates that VW CEO Martin Winterkorn is considering a SUV for the Chattanooga facility in Tennessee. While this is not exactly related to the Amarok, the response to the link posted on the Facebook page was comical.

What did the Amarok have to say when it heard that an SUV was going to be produced in Chattanooga? “I wanted to go there.”

I would actually like to see the Amarok produced in the US, that would mean that there would be more of them on the road in North America and hence easier to get accessories. We will have to wait a bit longer for word on what the SUV will be, but lets hope that they skip that and go right to building a truck there.

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