Canadian Drives an Amarok

Again the Canadian was in Germany 🙂

I received an email from a reader who went to Germany for vacation and I asked him for a bit of feedback on he Amarok. Here are his words and a picture that he send along.

Hi Steve
The reason for going to Germany was strictly for a vacation. The number one place for me to see was the VW plant at Wolfsburg. I have been to Germany a few time before.
The Autostadt has pavilions of all the different product lines VW owns., plus a great car museum  and restaurants. The off-road course is open to the public, it costs 35euros and you must book ahead off time for a time slot. I forgot to book before I got there, but I was lucky they had a the first time slot the next day was open. They run four vehicles models on the track. My first choice was to drive the Amarok. The instructor first take you around the course and demos the truck and the things you will do. The track has different elements ( hill climbs and descents, water, off camber around a corner, driving over rocks that only the Amarok gets to do) plus parts off the track is heated so they can keep the snow off.
The amount of time I had with the vehicle was not long enough to find anything that I did not like. I am quite biased because I have been hopping for a small pickup with a diesel for many years ( Toyota Hilux, new Ford Ranger  the one outside North America) The size of the truck right around the Toyota Tacoma.
I drive a 2012 Vw Tiguan, because I could not get the Vehicle I wanted.


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