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So I’ve made a couple of tweets on Twitter hoping to get VW to respond and nothing. This tells me one of a few things.
1. They have nothing to say and are still working on it.
2. They gave up on the idea and haven’t a message to communicate.
3. They are going to announce something shortly.

I’m hoping for number three and hope we see something during the spring auto shows.

Anyone else heard anything, anyone been into a dealership recently?

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    Many canadians are waiting for a small size diesel pick-up truck. Personnaly I have been dreaming of such a vehicule. I have a nephew living in Chamonix, France and he owns a VW 2.0 L TDI utility type minivan and it is a real work horse! Fuel efficient and hard working. Shame on VW Canada to let us wait so long. Even my wife Tiguan should have been a TDI. What is there problem ????

    • Eeshan says:

      Unfortunately our Canadian government is so in love with the USA, that they chose to adonban a trade deal they had with Europe in the late 1980s early 1990s where they accepted some European standards for vehicles. Now our vehicles have to basically match the US for emissions and safety. The big thing being the different bumper standards for North America and the lighting, as well as emissions. Talk about one trick pony.

  2. Jean Demeules says:

    I dream of the Amarok in Canada
    If the problem is that does not meet environmental standards, began with the gasoline engine
    (The Tiguan) that meets these standards and when we possess diesel fuel that meets their standards (5PPM vs 15 ppm) then it will be a plus for all of us.
    We need to talk and know our dealers.
    It is they who represent the community
    our door and joined VW Canada
    Je rêve de voir l’Amarok au Canada
    Si le problème est qui ne rencontre pas les normes environnementales, commencé avec la motorisation à essence
    (Celle du Tiguan) qui rencontre ces normes et lorsque que nous possèderons du carburant diesel qui rencontre leur normes (5PPM vs 15 ppm) alors celle-ci seras un plus pour nous tous.
    On doit en parler et le faire savoir à nos concessionnaires.
    Ce sont eux qui représentent la communauté
    et notre porte d’entré chez VW Canada

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