2012 Year End Summary

So not much has happened recently, I will be shortly drafting up the quarterly update to the newsletter.

At the end of March VW Canada indicated that they were considering bringing the Amarok to Canada and after that they haven’t said much. They did respond to one Twitter message to indicate that they were proceeding slowly. I opened a Twitter (@amarokcanada) account and tried to reach out to VW Canada, but nothing.

We will shortly be into the season where the Canadian auto shows will be happening. Being in Ottawa I can quickly travel to both Montreal and Toronto to see if there is any news from VW, hopefully they will have an Amarok on display. What better way to gauge response then to have an Amarok and see how people react.

I have received a couple of emails recently, one from Dave asking if there was a sign-up or petition that people could sign up to. I suggested simply contacting VW both corporate and local and expressing his interest. I also received an email from Chris, who pointed out to me that VW had applied for an Amarok Trademark in Canada.

I did a quick check of the Canadian Trademark Database and found an entry, it looks like they have an extension to the end of April 2013. Hopefully we will see something before then.

So for the moment, enjoy the holidays and if you find yourself on Twitter or in a VW dealership, ensure that you ask questions about the Amarok.


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