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I saw that in August of last year that VW Canada responded to a tweet asking for the status of the Amarok project, they indicated that they were still assessing things. I started a twitter account, @amarokcanada, so that I could ask the same question. I sent @VWCanada numerous tweets asking for information, indicating that I would like to see an Amarok at one of the up coming auto shows, but I never got a response.

Finally I resorted to email, this was there response:

We are pleased to learn your enthusiasm and loyalty for our products and brand. Presently there are no plans or dates set to introduce the Volkswagen Amarok into the Canadian market at this time since it was not designed to meet our Canadian Motor Vehicle Standards. We appreciate the information you have provided to us and this was shared with our product-planning department. We would like to confirm to you that Volkswagen does not take your comment lightly and we hope we will soon meet your request for a larger array of trucks in Canada.

I countered with: “So does this mean that VW has abandoned plans to bring the Amarok to Canada or is VW Canada still assessing the situation?”

And there next response was:

Volkswagen is still discussing the possibilities of bringing the Amarok to Canada but there is not a known time or definite answer to when or if the Amarok will be introduced to Canada. We hope that we will be able to fulfill your request to have the Amarok in Canada within the next few model years.

So it looks like they are still discussing the matter, but they are not moving as fast as many of us would hope. Some of us think it would be a no-brainer bringing the Amarok to Canada, but VW has a brand to protect and bringing in a vehicle without doing their research would be bad on their part.

We can only hope that things move along swiftly, if you haven’t already done so, contact your dealerships and/or VW Canada to enquire about the Amarok.

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