We The People and Their Chicken Tax

I’ve recently heard several news stories about the US government having a petition website. Anyone can go on and create a petition and if it gets sufficient ‘signatures’ then it will be reviewed by the White House and will require an official response.

I’m wondering if anyone has created a petition requesting that the US repeal their Chicken Tax. A new petition needs to have 150 signatures within 30 days to be searchable on the website and 100,000 signatures. I did a quick read and there doesn’t appear to be a requirement to be a US citizen to sign up to sign or create a petition, when you do sign up entry of a ZIP code is optional. Since there is a limited timeline from creation of the petition to getting sufficient signatures for it to be replied to, I think someone should spread the word, create a petition in mid February 2013 and then see if we can get the required signatures.

In my untrained eyes I think this would benefit US manufacturers in that they can focus US production of a particular model or two for global export. At the same time US manufacturers would be able to build a vehicle else where and then import it into the US. I would think it would be better from a business model.

Also this would allow companies like Volkswagen to then look at the US as a potential market for things like their Amarok and California lines. I just found out this morning that the VW California is classified as a truck in the US and subject to the 25% tarrif.

So if you are an American reading this and you know more about the ‘We The People’ petition system, drop me a comment or email. If someone does create a petition, send me a link so that we can get the word out. I’m going to spend a bit more time reading the terms and conditions in the next couple of days to ensure that a non-American can participate.


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