2014 Rumours & A Mexican Dealership

So I have seen a recent up trend in traffic to this blog, but I haven’t heard anything coming out of VW recently to drive the additional traffic, so I took to Google tonight to see if I could find any additional rumours or news.

I found a couple of messages on various sites indicating that people are being told by Canadian dealerships that the Amarok will be on showroom floors before the end of the year as a 2014 model. These same people also indicate that they have spoken to other dealerships in the same city and are being told that there is no word on the Amarok. At this time I haven’t heard this from anything close to being official so I’m not going to focus too much time on it.

I may soon have a chance to visit a Mexican dealership and see if they have an Amarok onsite for me to look at. Won’t be my primary purpose for going to Mexico, so we will see what else can be found. I did find something interesting when I was searching the net, a classified ad for an Amarok out of Mexico city. The ad has been up for a while, but updated recently. I found a forum where someone had contacted the seller and the seller offered to source an Amarok and have it delivered to Canada, with Mexican plates and a Mexican driver’s license. So if you have a large pile of cash and you desperately want a full sized Amarok shaped lawn ornament, get in contact. I am not a legal expert, but I would expect you to not be able to keep the Mexican plates and not be able to register it here.

Recently some of the searches that have driven traffic to the site include the name Amarok with various years or ‘recent vw amarok canada news’, I know of nothing new and exciting yet. It looks like my news letter sign-up might be broken. I’ll have a closer look at it tomorrow and post a new link if necessary.

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