Ottawa Autoshow

I went to the Ottawa Autoshow yesterday, the first time that I have gone there since I moved to Ottawa almost 10 years ago. Despite being in a new venue, it is basically a dealership show, which is fine if you are in the market for a new vehicle and want to do most of your shopping/comparisons in one location. However not very useful if you want to see concepts or talk to corporate reps.

Things that really annoyed me about the Autoshow and the vehicle market in Canada in general, was the lack of small pickup trucks. The big three had their full size offerings and Toyota had both their Titan and a Tacoma tucked away in a corner like a red-headed step child.

I spoke to several reps at both VW and Audi and none of them had any information which I didn’t already know. One rep from VW indicated that he had a brochure for the Amarok that one of his customers brought back from Germany. The same rep told me about VW’s plan to be the largest vehicle manufacture by 2018 and he thought that if they wanted to do this that they would have to bring truck to the North American market.

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