Amarok in Switzerland

I was contacted by a reader who was in Switzerland for business. While there he had the chance to visit a VW dealership and a sales rep opened up an Amarok for him to have a look at. I’ve included a picture that he took of the exterior below.

The first time I’ve seen the Amarok was in early 2011 in Switzerland. It was love at first sight. Since then I’ve been waiting for this truck to arrive in Canada.
My wife and I were again on a business trip in Europe a couple of weeks ago, so we visited a VW dealer in Switzerland to view the Amarok. Wow, what an impressive vehicle. The sales rep. was very kind and opened up the doors so we could sit in it to admire the interior as well. Very well made! Attention to detail, impressive technology……..I could write about it all night, but simply said, it truly is VW.

He also indicated that he was going to the Ottawa auto show over the weekend and would try to find out more, hopefully he managed to talk to someone who was more knowledgable then the person that I talked to.


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