VW Sales Conference and Mexican Engine Plant

So I had to go into one of the VW Dealerships here in Ottawa to get a part for my girlfriend’s Golf. I called before going in and was told that there was stock, when I showed up several hours later I was told that there was no stock, according to the computer. The girl working the parts desk indicated that she would go and check, turns out the computer was wrong and they the piece I wanted in stock. I joked that since computers can be wrong that I would walk through the show room, maybe they had the vehicle I wanted after all, but the website was wrong. She asked which one I wanted, I said the Amarok and indicated that you could get it everywhere except North America. The guy working at the desk in sales, indicated “And that’s just stupid.”

The gentlemen then came forward to talk to me more about the Amarok, he indicated that the GM of the dealership had seen one at the sales conference last fall. He also said “We are getting them, just don’t know when.” He mentioned that VW is building an engine plant in Mexico and that this could factor into when we get the Amarok, this sorts of makes sense. I’ve seen reports that VW can’t make enough TDI engines for their existing vehicles, so a new engine plant may help relieve pressure on existing plants and hopefully allow them to push TDIs into more models.

I haven’t had time to search for information about the Mexican plate, but I will tomorrow when I have time.

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  1. Paul Belaskie says:

    Seriously what is VW actually waiting for? Maybe they are waiting for the new GM Canyon, Chev Colorado, or Ford Ranger to come out so the market will be filled with competition. I picked up a 2009 Hummer H3T because I couldn’t find anything in the market I liked and there was no new small/mid-sized trucks in 2013. If VW is going to do something they better do it quick before someone else does.

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