Creeping VW Canada

Recently it occurred to me that the evidence of the Amarok coming to Canada might be waiting in the open, albeit fenced off area. If VW was testing the Amarok in Canada or had a few for showing off at sales conferences, where would they be parked? I though that their corporate head quarters in Ajax would be as good a place as any.

I started creeping them by checking out Google Street view to check out the streets around their office. I could see a few vehicles, including a couple of trucks in their compound, but it wasn’t clear if there was an Amarok. Recently I had to go to Toronto for a week and on my way, I thought that I should visit Corporate Head Quarters and have a real time look. Their compound was FULL on new VWs and Audi, short of jumping the fence and running up and down the lines it would have been difficult to spot an Amarok in the crowded lot. In one shot available from Bing, there is something that looks a bit like a pickup inside of a separate area, but the angle isn’t close enough to be 100% certain.

So really no news at the moment, I did notice that VW Canada was given an extension on their “Amarok” trademark until the fall of this year.

If someone happens to live in Ajax and they see an Amarok out and about or locked behind the fence I would appreciate photos.

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