Photos of Amarok Type-R

So after I saw the post the other day on CarScoops, lots of other sources started to report about the Amarok Type-R that was produced for the Wörthersee Tour. I kept looking for information  or pictures of the actual truck. They arrived late last night, again from CarScoops, so I am certain we will see the same pictures on lots of news feeds and blogs today, including here.

The actual truck is not as aggressive as one might have thought from looking at the sketches. I like the truck, but it isn’t what I would look for in a truck, however I do like the interior which received the GTi treatment. A couple of years ago when VW showed the Canyon version of the Amarok it made it into production, so hopefully we will hear news on this version or at least the 3.0TDI being an option in the near future.

What are your thoughts?



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