The Important Bit

So there has been lots of news around the Type R Amarok concept vehicle and the only pictures that I have see to date have been the half dozen official ones, there must be more out there. Hopefully on the weekend I will be able to search for them and post a few more.

One Motoring website for South Africa had a write up on the Type R and in their article they had a section entitled “The Important Bit”, which reads:

When we asked VWSA whether the three-litre TDI engine (which is standard issue in a number of VW Group models and thus available off the shelf) would be offered in the ‘normal’ Amarok in South Africa (something bakkie fans have been asking for since the day the Amarok was released) they neatly sidestepped the question by saying the Power-Pickup was a show car only and would not go into production.

What can we make from this? Probably not much, but several markets have been asking for a more powerful engine in the Amarok since it was introduced and I’ve heard rumours that Canada will be getting the 3.0 TDI eventually. So maybe squeezing the 3.0 into the Type R will be a precursor of things to come.

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