Amarok XXL

So in additional to the Amarok Type R concept, VW has also released a new variation of the Amarok, dubbed the Amarok XXL. The XXL is only available in a four door variant, but the bed length grows from 1.55m to 2.21m. From what I can tell it is aimed at commercial users who have to carry long bulky items or those that want an off road capable ambulance that has the ability to carry a full length stretcher in the bed.

If this option was available in Canada, I’m not certain I would go for it. Predominately I’m looking for a daily driver and it is rare that I would put the bed to full use, let alone need the longer bed.

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2 Responses to Amarok XXL

  1. Chris Raith says:

    That is one long rig, but maybe a step in the right direction if they are seriously thinking about selling in North America, as they will need to go up against GM, Ford & Chrysler as well as Toyota and Nissan.

  2. Darren Tidd says:

    I’d buy one of those. I have an ’08 Rabbit as my daily, but I live in northern BC. So a truck would be a bit better suited to the backroads up here. C’mon VW offer me something other than a SUV.

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