One Year Update on the Possibility of the Amarok in Canada

So it has been almost a year since it was widely reported that VW Canada were *considering* bringing the Amarok to Canada. There have been other vehicles that only been available to Canada in the past, so not a stretch about the possibility of it happening.

Prior to the news about the Amarok last year, I had never heard tell of it, but I liked the looks of it and I liked the specs, provided that it wasn’t watered down for the Canadian market. During the last year I started this blog and have looked for information on the Amarok in general and information on it coming to Canada specifically.

There is a lot of misinformation out there and some VW/Audi reps have been quoted as saying that it coming, but won’t provide a date, or saying that they have seen one at a sales conference. On the 24th of May, VW has teased a bit further with a post to the Facebook wall. They provided a picture of the Amarok and asked for a show of ‘Likes’ for those that want to see it in Canada. Currently the count, three days later, is a little over 3100, I expect that the count will gradually increase this week as people get into work and links to the photo share via email.

Where will we go from here? I suspect that the Amarok will probably be introduced as a 2015 model for Canada, that gives us about a 16 month wait before we start to see them in dealerships. However I suspect we will start to see more information from VW. Information about possible models, options, pricing, etc… 2015 will work well for me, I will keep my current vehicle a bit loner. If it becomes 2016 then I might have to look at something else for the short term.

One thing that I see as a huge problem right now is delivery times. I’ve received emails from people that have waited 15 weeks for the delivery of their Amarok. There are rumours that VW will be adding the Amarok to their commercial vehicle plant in Austria, that would make a third location and hopefully improve wait times.

So keep an eye on this blog and as more rumours come out I will send them out and if anything official is released from VW then I will send it out to my newsletter subscribers. If you hear anything from a dealership or other source, please email me the info.

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