Greetings to Volkswagen

In my day job I am a network engineer and yesterday I was wondering if anyone from VW Corporate had visited my site, so I searched online for VW’s IP assignment and quickly checked the stats for this blog. There didn’t look to be a match in the long term stats, but I can only see the 50 top IP addresses, today I had another look and near the top of the short term stats was an address that fell within VW’s range.

So Guten Tag, to my readers from Wolfsburg.

I feel now is a good time to remind everyone that I have no affiliation with Volkswagen, other than being a potential customer. Most of what I post here comes from various sources that I find online or from speaking with various other people, such as sales people at local dealerships.

If anyone at VW is curious about the stats that this blog generates to help gauge the interest of the Amarok coming to Canada, please contact me. Also if you have any information that you can share with me about the amount of effort required to bring the Amarok to Canada or possible timelines, I am interested.

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