First Day of Summer Silly Update

Well today is the first official day of summer here in Canada and in a couple of hours I will go to sleep and wake up on the second day of winter in Chile, hopefully with a surplus of Amaroks to be had, so that I can look at one up close.

Work is again taking me to strange far away lands to provide some vital service to a customer. However in this case to fly in and out of Chile with minimal extra time became much more expensive. To fly in on Sunday morning and out on Friday, so I had as little extra time as possible would have cost and extra $1200, so by arriving a day early and staying an extra couple of days at the end, it is actually cheaper for my company.

My plan for tomorrow after I have checked into my hotel is to go and explore the city a bit. There is a VW dealership about 3 km from my hotel and I think that is as good of a direction to walk in as any other. I will also go by the car rental desk at my hotel and see if I can arrange to rent an Amarok for next Saturday. Go for a drive up into the mountain and maybe down to the sea. That is the bonus of Chile being such a long and thin country, I should be able to drive to the East and West edges, but leave the drive North and South for another trip.

I’ll have a little over a week to justify to my manager why he should pay for my joy ride in a premium vehicle that will probably cost a pretty penny.

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