Amaroks in Chile

As soon as I walked out of the Airport yesterday in Santiago I saw a nice four door Amarok waiting to pick someone, since I had just gotten off an over night flight, the only thing that I was thinking of was getting to my hotel. Yesterday I went for a random walk and saw a couple in traffic, but today I went for a local dealership, I saw about 12 on their lot, but since everything was behind a fence and today was Sunday, I never got close to one. If I don’t rent one next weekend, then I might consider going back on Saturday so that I can have a closer look.

Looking at the photo attached below you can compare the size of the Amarok to the Tiguan. The Tiguan looks to be the same size as what we have in North America, so the cab of the Amarok looks to be slightly larger then that.

I went down to the parking garage in my hotel and found that the car rental company has two Amaroks down there, so it shouldn’t be a problem to rent one next weekend.

One silly thing that I’ve noticed about car dealerships down here is that a lot of them will secure one of the wheels with a boot as you can see in the photo. This is not a full boot that restricts access to the lug nuts, it is just designed to make it difficult to move the vehicle. If this was done on a city street, the chances of finding a matching tire would be slim, but this is on a dealership’s lot. Changes are that there are at least several other vehicles that have the exact same tire somewhere nearby. Take the booted tire off of one, replace it with a non-booted tire from another vehicle and there you go. Still have to over come the other security features.

Amarok vs Tiguan



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