I will have an Amarok

I have an Amarok booked for Saturday. I’ve been walking the ten minutes back and forth between the hotel and the office here in Santiago and I’ve realized that I don’t think that I want to drive in this city. Horns are constant, either as a warning that you are going to cut someone off or as a notification that you were just cut off. I saw an Amarok in traffic today and I went to take a picture, I almost captured the Amarok becoming a Amawreck, everybody stopped short and there were only centimeters between the Amarok and the vehicle in front of it.

I’ve done a bit of reading about driving in Chile and a common thread emerged, don’t drive in Santiago, there are unwritten rules that outsiders are not aware of, once you get out of Santiago things settle down. So my plan will be to do just that. The people that I have been working with have thrown out various Spanish named places to visit, but it is the off season for tourists, so they are not certain how some of them will be. There are ski hills, wine routes, beaches, so I will have to do some more research. I’ll probably rent a local GPS, mark the location of the hotel and hit the highway with no particular place to go.

Wish me luck, I should have pictures and an update on Sunday.

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