Volkwagen Sales Numbers in Australia

I saw an interesting news article out of Australia this morning from Car Advice, it was talking about the June 2013 sales numbers for the various models. It appears that some of the passenger lines and suffered slightly due to a recall on the DSG gearbox, however the commercial line did well. Sales on the Amarok were up by 129%, assuming that is a year over year number based on comments in the article.

What I found interesting was this quote:

“It is also worth noting, highlighting Volkswagen’s diversity in its range, both Polo and Amarok have seen strong sales in June.

“Given that a number of our volume sellers are currently in run-out, we look forward to introducing new models to our customers later in the year and early next year.”

Not 100% certain from the language used that the Amarok is one of those vehicles in ‘run-out’ but I find it interesting. I have seen other rumours that the the Amarok will be getting updated for 2014/2015, so hopefully this is a prelude to  a slightly redesigned that will meet Canadian requirements.

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