Audi Q5 TDI

The last few days, I have been looking at my next options for a vehicle. My current vehicle is running fine and I won’t be replacing it tomorrow, it could be up to a couple of years before I replace it. However I would like to have some research done so that if I suddenly find myself in a rush to replace it that I will have some knowledge about my options.

One of the vehicles I had a look at was a VW Tiguan. The back seat is roughly the same size as the Amarok, but the Tiguan had rear seats that could be reclined slightly and the seat surface was slightly better. The dealership did have a Highline on the show floor, so this may have included better seats that the base option. I also quickly looked at a Ford F-150, much larger than what I really want. I have a friend who told me that he just got an outstanding deal on one with the Eco-Boost motor. I will have to talk to him in another month or so and find out what his experience is with fuel economy. Some of the online reviews that I have read for fuel economy with the Eco-Boost do not impress me.

While I was out running some errands I passed by an Audi dealership and I remembered that they were supposed to be getting the TDI in the Q5. The Q5 is supposed to be larger than the Tiguan, but I didn’t have the two of them side by side for a comparison. It didn’t look that much larger. While I was looking at the Q5 TDI that was in the lot, I thought that it might be a bit more than what I need or want, but I will do a bit more research.

Interesting enough when I got home and went to the Audi website, there was no mention of the Q5 TDI, however online there are numerous posts about dealerships starting to order them and a couple of write-ups about them being received. The attached photo was taken on Sunday the 7th of July at Mark Motors in Ottawa.


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