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So a question that I often get asked when I talk about the Amarok is if I would purchase a different truck. The short easy answer to that is yes. However it doesn’t take long to realize that we are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to small to mid sized truck availability. A quick search and I can only find offerings from Nissan and Toyota. Then if you start looking for specific features it doesn’t take long to realize that we really have limited selection.

Recently I looked at a F-150 sitting on a dealers showroom. It looks like a nice enough truck and had lots of bells and whistles, but for what I want a truck for it is simply too big. A reader recently sent me a link to a YouTube video talking about a diesel being available in a Dodge truck. Again the Dodge would be too large for what I want a truck for and besides I have a special place reserved for all things Dodge. Funny, it has been a couple of years since one of their dealerships tried to kill me and I still hold a grudge. It would have been one thing if they had of done the right thing and fixed all of the damage and treated me like a human being, but when I called their corporate headquarters and the customer service person said to me “What do you expect us to do about it?” That was too much. I’m still driving the same vehicle because it is paid for and if people ask me about it I can tell them the above horror story and the vehicle that I currently want is not available on the Canadian Market.

When I was recently in Chile I saw more mid-sized pickups by so many different manufactures that I would have been at a loss if I had to select one to purchase. There were mid-sized trucks from Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Ford (new global Ranger), Great Wall, Mahindra, and a few others that I can’t remember or didn’t recognize. I didn’t spend any time looking at most of these, unless I saw one in traffic, so I have no idea what options were available. I was just surprised at the amount of trucks that were available. When I was reviewing a few of the other photos that I took in Chile, I did find a picture that I took when I stopped for lunch, I parked my Amarok next to an older GM Colorado. The picture is included at the end of this post, but you can see that the trucks are about the size size, the Amarok was a 4×4 while the Colorado was a 2×4, so that accounts for the height difference. However the dimensions were close, I didn’t make any detailed measurements because I didn’t want to explain in my non-existent Spanish why I was measuring a random truck in a parking lot. I think the back seat of the Amarok would have had more room.

I did notice that GM is introducing a new global version of the Colorado which will be built in the US, that means it will not be subject to the chicken tax. From some of the news sites that I have looked at it looks like it will be a 2014 model so hopefully in the next few months we will know more. If this thing is comparable to the Amarok and comes with a diesel than I might have a closer look.

Amarok vs Colorado


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