Amarok Fuel Door

I periodically check out the search terms used to hit my blog and I saw one today that reminded me of something cool on the Amarok that I rented in Chile. Unfortunately I do not have any videos or pictures.

The fuel door can be opened by pressing in on it, however if the Amarok is locked it won’t release. So if you can’t access your fuel, make sure the truck is unlocked. I’m not sure if other VW’s have this or not, but I though that it was a simple but elegant solution to dealing with a lock for the fuel.



Note: (21 July 2013)

I was at a local VW dealership and this locking of the fuel door if available on at least some Canadian models at the current time. I overheard a customer asking about the fuel release on either the Passat or Tiguan that he had just test drove.

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  1. Brad says:

    my 2011 vw touareg tdi has the same gas access unlock feature as the one you had on the rental amarok

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