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I found a brief write-up on about the possibility of the Amarok coming to Canada. I found a couple of basic errors in the article, currently the Amarok is produced in Argentina and Germany, there was discussion about adding a third production facility but I haven’t seen confirmation. Also as far as availability is concerned, Canada and the US are the two places you won’t see the Amarok.

I found this paragraph particularly interesting:

Part of the hesitation is that Volkswagen needs to be certain that the trucks can make it on their own in Canada, without U.S. distribution. The situation has worked before when VW offered Jetta and Golf models in Canada without an American equivalent. Volkswagen’s U.S. arm has no plans to import the current version of the Amarok. With only ten percent of the population, a strong business case needs to be made in order to justify a Canada-only model.

So this tells me that if we get out and let dealers know that we are interested, we also write VW corporate and tell them then this will all help in seeing the Amarok come to Canada.

I haven’t seen much else recently, but if I do I will post it hear and keep you all informed.

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