VW Commercial Vehicles for US and VW Manufacturing for Canada

I saw a couple of interesting articles in the last couple of day.

The first article from The Globe and Mail which was actually from back in January 2013, indicates that Ottawa is offering up $250 million in incentives to bring auto manufacturing to Canada. A company has to put up at least $75 million of their own money to qualify. However Canadian built VW’s would be able to avoid the Chicken Tax. The below quote from the article indicates that nothing is happening soon, but still this could be an incentive for VW or other auto manufacturers.

Volkswagen Canada spokesman Thomas Tetzlaff said the company has no immediate plans to open any new assembly or parts plants in North America. But he said Mr. Paradis’ visit helps put Ontario and Canada on the company’s “radar screen” in any future plans.

The more recent article from The Himalayan Times from today (Sept 11, 2013) indicates that VW may be considering launching a commercial vehicle division for the US. I assume that Canada would see the same commercial vehicles. The article indicates that launching commercial vehicles would be part of a second phase of expansion into the US. Currently they are focusing on current models.

I think a Canadian plant building Amaroks, Crafter Vans, and Californias for the North American market would make alot of us very happy. Might not make sense to the bottom line, but it would avoid the chicken tax for the US and might make the Amarok and other models feasible from a money making point of view.

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  1. Sparky says:

    Oh man, would I ever love a California. It just kills me why we can’t get stuff like that here.

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