Busy Time for VW Canada?

For the last little while, it appears that Volkswagen Canada has gone quiet in some things, but with their Freedriving Tour moving across the country, the introduction of updated models for 2014 and other things it hardly surprises me. My last email to VW Canada took over a month to be responded to with the standard “nothing is planned, but we will make a note of your interest”, previously I had a response within a few days.

An email to VW Corporate from one of my readers, elicited this response:

We regret to inform you that presently we are unable to provide you with launch dates of the Amarok. However, as soon as a detailed schedule becomes available, we will inform our entire Sales & Marketing organization.

I read that as it is coming, but nobody is saying when.

I spoke to a reader who has recently started looking for a new vehicle, they said they may wait for an Amarok, but may need something sooner. Various VW dealerships were visited and questions about the Amarok along with current models were asked. One dealership said that they are getting about a dozen inquires on the Amarok a month, whenever there is a news article then more people start to ask questions. I see the same thing here on this blog, whenever there is a news article that comes out, I get a rash of extra hits.

As much as we will all love to be able to see an Amarok on a dealer’s lot here in Canada, it will be a bit longer, I’m still thinking 1-2 years at the minimum.

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4 Responses to Busy Time for VW Canada?

  1. Dallas Kiezik says:

    For the record I was a big Amarok supporter. The Ram Ecodiesel is now coming to market and it looks like a great package. Too bad VW North America does not have the leadership required to get vehicles like the Amarok to market as the lead they would have had is gone, and the quality of 3.0L VM Motori diesel is going to suprise more than a few people.

    • steve says:

      I’m currently driving a Chrysler/Dodge product and I should have consulted a dictionary before buying anything that was associated to Dodge. Dodge – To avoid, that would have eliminated the nightmare vehicle ownership experience that I have had for the last few years. Honestly the there are three reasons why I’m still driving it, 1. Its paid off, 2. I can’t find a vehicle that I actually like on the market, and 3. As a cautionary tale to others. Just this past weekend I was talking to someone who was considering a new Dodge and at the very least I influenced his choice of dealerships.

      I do agree that VW may be loosing a opportunity, but considering the size of the Ram or F-150, I think that there will still be a market, the question is will others fill it with a small to mid sized pickup?

      • Dallas Kiezik says:

        I agree that Dodges small vehicles seem to leave something to be desired, but their bread and butter money maker vehicles, the trucks, all seem to get the attention to detail that the price tag demands. They do not even call the trucks Dodges, they are called Rams to differentiate the two even more. Trust me the jump from a Caliber, Journey, Caravan, to a Ram is a giant leap, they did not get truck of the year just by having a large selection of paint colours.

        • steve says:

          I know, “If you can’t Dodge it, Ram it.” I highly doubt that my experience would have been drastically different had I have been driving a Ram or a Jeep. The last time I had to deal with a dealership, Capital Dodge in Ottawa, for warranty work they failed to secure a front calliper. Interesting feeling as you touch the breaks to slow and things lock up at highway speed. I had to fight with the dealership to get all of the damage repaired, which they refused to do. I had to demand that a letter a reprimand was placed on the mechanics file, which I saw, but I have no proof that it actually made it to his file. The worst part was that when I called Chrysler Canada to complain their exact words were “What do expect us to do?” and with that they lost me as a customer.

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