No Amarok Close-ups

I am back in Canada now, yesterday morning when I arrived at the VW Commercial Vehicle dealership, it was just starting to rain. I thought to myself, great there will be an Amarok here and I will get soaked as I look it over. I got damp walking through the lot, but no Amarok. I think I saw the same one from the day that I arrived in the same construction zone, but no chance for a good examination. It looks like I will be headed to Houston next month and from my understanding there have been a few Mexican Amaroks spotted in Texas. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

One interesting thing that I did find when I searched the internet looking for information on Amaroks is that they are currently built in Argentina and that production for the European market is suppose to start in Hanover during the summer. Some reports on forums indicate that some people were holding out for German manufacturing, it will be interesting to see where Canadian Amaroks are manufactured if we get them.

Without any additional news coming out of VW Canada and no more trips to Amarok territory for me for the next while, I will continue to provide periodic updates and post link to any interesting news that I find. If you come across this blog and they have information hit the contact button above and drop me an email.

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