Fall 2013 Non-Update Update

Hello Readers

Once again we are into a quiet period for news on the Amarok, but if history is any indication, right after I make this post there will be several news articles that I will have to post or comment on.

I’ve noticed that VW Canada is starting to prepare for the upcoming circuit of Autoshows, will we see an Amarok on display this year? We can only hope.

The free trade agreement with Europe is still hopefully marching forward and this will allow more European models to be brought to Canada. I’ve been really swamped with work recently, I’m currently in the middle of a 60 day stretch with no days off. Hopefully over the Xmas break I will be able to do additional reading on this over the holidays. I’m interested in which European standards that Canada will adopt.

I did see one recent truck releated news article that was interesting, apparently Telsa is considering building a truck. Lots of debate on the cost and the usefulness, but for people that want a truck and won’t find themselves in the middle of no-where operating off the grid for an extended period an electric truck may make sense. So for those people who have 22 inch rims wrapped with rubber bands, an electric truck may make sense for them to cruise to the mall and back. For those that have much smaller rims wrapped in a lot more rubber who use their trucks for work or to off road, gas and diesel versions will probably remain for a while.

At least one company has built a one-off custom electric truck that they use for delivering beer. Steam Whistle’s has a fleet of vintage vehicles that they use to promote their brand and in some cases deliver their beer, Retro Electro is one of those. Check out the above link for all of the information on their custom build.

I don’t know if VW would ever build an electric Amarok, but as automotive tech advances, I would think that more electric trucks (and other vehicles) will be inevitable, but we will have to determine if they are appropriate for us as individuals.

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