VW Amarok is going to have competition

As I said in my previous post of all of ten minutes ago, once I post something, especially stating that there has been no news, there is news.

I just saw a news article that Chevy just announced their new 2015 Colorado due in about 12 months time. There will be three different engines available all mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, including a 2.8 liter diesel option. Not impressed with the lack of a manual transmission, but what else should I expect from the Americans. I suspect more information will become available shortly, but the pictures in the news article show a four door crew cab with a short bed, hopefully they will have multiple cab and bed configurations available.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71


I’ve driven the VW Amarok and although I like the truck and the engineering that went into it, I am not set on buying an Amarok. When my current vehicle dies and it is time to buy a new vehicle this Colorado might fit the bill.

Edit: Here is a link to Chevrolet’s press release and apparently you will be able to get the crew cab with a six foot bed.

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6 Responses to VW Amarok is going to have competition

  1. Chris says:

    Looks pretty darn good, I’d be interested to see them side by side, the Chevy I suspect is larger. Their Diesel not available until 2016 which means VW might still have a chance to be first to market.

    • steve says:

      I’ve done some additional reading on the 2015 Colorado and on paper it looks like a nice enough truck. Several articles that I read indicated that manufactures are starting to realize that some people simply prefer smaller trucks, I guess previous generations were approached as if small truck buyers simply couldn’t afford a full size. That may be true for a certain portion of the small truck buyers, but I recently looked at a Ford F-150 and I simply don’t want anything that big. I also saw indication that Ford and Dodge don’t have an international small to mid-sized pickup that they could quickly adopt to the North American Market.

      I will probably test drive the Colorado when it comes out in 12 months time and if it works well, I will indicate my displeasure to the dealership that it doesn’t have a manual or diesel and then wait another 12 months for hopefully something to appear on the market with a manual transmission and a diesel.

  2. FJC-4x4 says:

    Don’t know if I’d ever be able to buy a GM. Don’t really like the interior.

    But if it pushes the other producer to finally bring their small diesel pickup this side of the ocean, I’m all for it!

    Toyoya, VW, Ford are you listening?

  3. Chris says:

    I agree, still seems like the NA manufacturers don’t realize that there is a large demographic that want something smaller for reasons other than the budget choice.

    Quick comparison on size

    Amarok Length 17.25 ft, width ~5.3 ft, height ~6ft
    Colorado Length 18.7 ft, width 6.15 ft, height na

    so definitely bigger, but heck, give me a diesel with a manual tranny and it isn’t a deal breaker.

  4. Mark says:

    Yes the Chevy Colorado looks like it’s gonna be a nice looking vehicle but so is the Amarok. Other thing to think about is, are you looking for a good quality product that doesn’t have the usual North American vehicle brand problems after 100.000km. I’d say volkswagen has a great history of quality vehicles that the North American vehicle makers such as Chevy and GMC can only dream about.

    This is of course my personal opinion. Yes I’ve owned Fords and Chrysler products and yes, I’ve had nothing but problems with then after not even having 100,000km on them including some minor rust. And yes I own a Volkswagen now and would never support the North American brands again until they start producing quality of quantity.

    Would I buy an Amarok…..absolutely!!!!

    • steve says:

      I had a ’97 Chevrolet S-10, when I got rid of it in ’07, it had 265,000km and was still running strong, they body was on the other hand was starting to fall apart. If I had of rust checked it, I probably would have driven it for another 100,000.

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