2013 Wrap-Up

Here we are at the end of 2013, roughly a year and a half after Thomas Tetzlaff stated that Volkswagen were evaluating the possibility of bring the Amarok to Canada. In that time on several trips outside of the country I’ve had the opportunity to see Amaroks in various markets and on a trip to Chile earlier this year I had a day off so I rented an Amarok and went for a drive.

Volkswagen has teased us on Facebook but nothing official has come out. I talked to a customer care person from VW Canada on a different matter and they said that the Amarok was coming, but didn’t have a date, they said that the American’s would be getting it first. I didn’t want to point out the chicken tax and some of the reasons why the American’s wouldn’t be getting it first. However there was an indication that VWoA would re-evaluate the possibility of bring the Amarok to the US if the chicken tax goes away.

I liked seeing the news from Chevrolet and their plan for a diesel equipped Colorado for 2016. I like the Amarok, but I just want a small to mid sized pickup truck preferably with a diesel, if Chevrolet comes to market first then I will take a long hard look at it.

I got an interesting email from a reader who sent along an online chat transcript from a Vancouver area dealership. The reader was reading about the Golf GTD on the dealership’s website when a chat box popped up and a representative from the dealership asked if they could help with anything. My reader indicated that they were interested in a new VW, but couldn’t find the model they were interested in. The dealership basically indicated that they had news on the Amarok and collected contact details for my reader, but never followed up.

In the next couple of months we will having another round of auto shows, hopefully we will get more news out of Volkswagen, for the moment, enjoy your holidays and visit your local dealerships to request updates and ask questions. If you hear anything, feel free to sent it along to me.

Happy New Year

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