Would you buy a Volkswagen Amarok Poll

So I found an online news article that described the Amarok and its various options and ended by asking if readers would buy an Amarok. I suspect that it was aimed at Americans, but hey if they get the Amarok, we should be able to get it as well.

If you have 2 seconds, vote here: Poll.

Update (17 Jan 2014):

The poll has been closed with 704 votes, of which 82 came in via my blog and 94% of respondents indicated that they would buy an Amarok.

Further update (11 Feb 2014):

I should have removed the link on my previous update, I looked at the blog stats and saw that lots of people were clicking the link and the poll is now completely gone. So I removed the link.



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One Response to Would you buy a Volkswagen Amarok Poll

  1. Tracy Cadorette says:

    extended cab
    It’ll see action in SAR too

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