The Amarok is coming to Canada, but nobody is saying when.

This morning I was looking at Facebook and I saw something very interesting. In the screen grab from below you will see Jérome and Paula each asking VW about different models not available in the Canadian market, check out the different responses.

Amarok: “At this time we do not have a definitive timeline for delivery of the Amarok in Canada.”

Microbus: “At this moment there are no plans to bring a Microbus to Canada.”

There is more talk coming from various dealerships that the Amarok is coming, but nobody has a timeline. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t see an Amarok at the Montreal autoshow, maybe we will see it a different autoshow.

One possibility is that VW knows that they have a successful truck on their hands, I’ve received emails from people who had to wait months to get one in foreign markets, so adding Canada as a new market might cause further delays.

Volkswagen: I periodically check the access logs for this blog and I know that at least someone is periodically reading from your offices. Give us something.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 8.41.35 AM

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