Head of VW’s Labour Union Indicates that the US Needs the Amarok

First, thanks to Trevor for reading the blog and providing a link to the article.

An article on Jalopnik, sourced from an article on Reuters, is indicating that the head of Volkswagen’s Labour Union,┬áBernd Osterloh, is not pleased with the state of things in the states. The articles mentions that the situation improve until 2016. Bernd was quoted as saying that more models are needed for the American market, including a pick-up.

An article from Autonews indicated that VWoA’s new CEO, Michael Horn, thought that the Amarok was too small for the American market. I hope someone can show him some information that would prove otherwise. If VW were to make a full size truck to compete with the F-150, I think that they could find themselves in trouble. There is currently a lack of choice in small to mid-sized pickups in the US, but several different large pick-ups to choose from.

Between these articles, it is good to see that some people in the higher up echelons of VW are thinking of bringing a truck to the US and we can only hope Canada would get it as well.


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