Amarok’s at Sochi Olympics

So last year I wrote an entry on the Amarok Polar Expedition, I never found it at the time but the crew responsible actually had a website that tracked all of their progress and has lots of pictures and the like. Overall they drove roughly 10,000 miles off road, setting a Guinness World Record for longest off road drive in a single country.

With the Winter Games starting in Sochi, lots of other blogs and magazines are picking up the news, for example, here and here.

I would like to welcome the new readers who find my blog after seeing an Amarok in the news or in Russia, if you are an Canadian Athlete reading this, good luck, make us proud. If you are an athlete from any other country, have fun try to enjoy yourself. 🙂 So if you are stumbling across this blog for the first time, there is no real news on the Amarok in Canada front, but there is enough evidence that indicates that the truck will arrive in Canada, just nobody knows when. So if you are Canadian or American, go and bug your dealerships or VW Corporate.

If you are a new reader, sign up for my newsletter, I send out quarterly emails to remind people about the blog and the moment that I have concrete information about the Amarok in Canada I will drop an email.

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