Pictures from Chattanooga

If you search for information on Amarok sightings in the US you will find various tidbits of information, sometimes complete with blurry photos. Sightings tend to increase near the Mexican border as occasional Mexican Amarok owners drive up to the US. In the rest of the US, there are less sightings and even fewer pictures.

I saw someone post in one of the “Bring the Amarok to the US” groups on Facebook that he had seen first hand an Amarok in the Volkswagen Plant in Chattanooga, so I asked for pictures and he indicated that they were posted to his Facebook profile. Looking at the comment thread it appears that he asked for permission to take the photos and post them online, so I share them here.

What can we take from this? Probably not much, VW and other manufacturers often bring in vehicles from other markets to gauge interest or evaluate for local markets. Sometimes the press is given an opportunity to drive them.  This Amarok has Michigan manufacturer plates. I talked to someone a couple of years ago who indicated that he had seen one at a Canadian Sales conference in Vancouver.

front-amarok pass-amarok rear-amarok


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2 Responses to Pictures from Chattanooga

  1. Neil Greening says:

    I have been ogling the Amarok as well. Most of the car companies have stopped making smaller trucks now, and so I started snooping around. It occurred to me that the new Ford Ranger that they are selling outside of North America is a VW Amarok badge line. I wonder how close the specks are.

    • steve says:

      A quick search trying to compare the VW Amarok and Global Ford Ranger, never shows any indication of one being a re-badged version of the other. To the best of my knowledge each is unique.

      I saw a couple of right hand drive Amaroks last week while I was in Jamaica and also at least one Ford Ranger. All of them were quite nice looking, but I never had a chance to take one for a drive.

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