Weekly Update 4 July

With our neighbours to the south celebrating their independence, it is time for an update to the site. There’s isn’t much in terms of hard news on the Amarok and its appearance on Canadian soil.

I’ve seen various news articles about the Amarok’s win as Best Pickup, beating out the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux. There was also mention of a chinese knock-off of the Amarok. Also further news articles pointing to the Amarok-M to provide a domestic pickup for military operations in Germany.

Next week I am on the road again, but not to Germany this time. I will be heading to Houston for a few days, I’m not holding my breath on spotting an Amarok, but if I see one I will be pleasantly surprised. The Amarok is currently available from VW Mexico and periodically one may stray north of the US-Mexican border.

One of the more interesting things that I have observed in the last week was a poll running on Sympatico Autos, it has been up since the first of June, but I only found it recently. As of the writing of this post 1441 people have voted, I swear I only voted once. 59% indicated that they were willing to hand over their deposit now, with another 26% percent indicating that they wouldn’t be first to buy one, but they wouldn’t be last. Honestly this is where my vote went, until more information leaks out of VW Canada I won’t be able to plan. If my current vehicle dies before the Amarok makes it here, then I will need to replace it and that may push off the purchase of an Amarok. The other 15% of the poll was split between 5% indicating that they wanted a small truck, but not a VW and 10% indicating that full size was the only way to go

Amarok for Canada Poll

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