Volkswagen has indicated that a Pickup for the US is being considered

I just saw this article over at

Basically VW is watching the interest in the mid-sized market with GM’s move to re-introduce the Colorado and Canyon and this will be used to re-consider their approach to the US market.

That success, and renewed interest in the midsize segment, has put the pickup truck discussion back on the table at VW, with North American CEO Michael Horn telling Autoblog, “It’s a question mark, but it starts to be discussed. Let’s put it this way: we start to discuss it again and whether it’s attractive for us.” But those talks may not be about the current truck – “The Amarok is too small for the US,” says Horn. Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neußer, head of VW Group powertrain development, echoed his colleague’s sentiment at the same Geneva Motor Show roundtable, saying “We are just reworking our truck strategy, and this is part of thinking about it. But the Amarok fits not very well to the efforts of the market.”

Again I’m not certain if the Amarok is too small, I’m certain that there is a certain market for it, but would it make financial sense to a company such as VW to develop a truck for it or it.

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