March 2014 Wrap-up

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Nothing really new has come out on the Canadian front, there have been a couple of sitings of Amaroks in the US at the plant in Tennessee  and at a dealership in Michigan. There was also news that the VWoA is considering a VW pickup for the American market, but that the Amarok is too small.

I haven’t heard anything from anyone that went to any of the Canadian Autoshows as to if the VW representatives had much to say. I was thinking about going to the Toronto Autoshow, but I was a bit too busy. I did manage to get to the Ottawa autoshow, but other than mostly dealer reps, there are not many people from Corporate at the show. I did speak to a rep from one Ottawa dealership who indicated that the Amarok might be available for 2016. GM will be re-introducing the Canyon/Colorado for 2015 and a diesel model for 2016. I really hope that the Amarok is available for 2016 to compete with the diesel Canyon.

So here is to hoping that this winter ends soon and that news of the Amarok coming to Canada breaks as well.




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2 Responses to March 2014 Wrap-up

  1. Ted says:

    Why would they think the Amarok is too small for the US market? I’m certain that there is a good market for a small diesel powered pickup in the US, just as there is in Canada. Americans are starting to be concerned with fuel economy. It has taken them a while, but they are ready now.

    • steve says:

      The popular thinking is that the domestic manufacturers all discontinued their own small lines, Canyon/Colorado, Ranger, Dakota, for a reason, decreasing demand and low sales. Nothing to do with over marketing of the full size vehicles and lack of updates to the smaller vehicles. When Ford introduced the global Ranger platform it was too close in size to the F-150 to bring into the US and risk cannibalizing the sales of the full size.

      You are correct that more people are starting to be concerned about fuel economy, may VW execs are apparently concerned the small engine in the Amarok won’t cut it when compared to the full size offerings. I say bring the Amarok to the US and Canada and offer it with a 3.0 liter TDI engine.

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