Michael Horn (CEO VWoA) talks with Bloomberg

Recently at the New York Autoshow, Michael Horn the CEO of Volkswagen of America sat down with Matt Miller of Bloomberg. If you want to watch the video you can do so here, they specifically talk pick-up trucks starting at roughly the 4 minute 20 seconds mark.

Some of the things about the Amarok that Michael mentioned, built in Argentina and Hannover, it is very small, much smaller than the F-150, the technology and engineering is too expensive from VW’s point of view for the American market. He then goes on to say that if they want to hit the SUV market that they will have to do something different.

First I hope that it isn’t too expensive for the Canadian market.

Secondly, I’m a bit concerned that he is comparing the Amarok to the SUV market and not the pick-up market. He did identify the F-150 as a competitor to the Amarok and some people do indeed buy these things as a SUV with a bed, but there is an entire segment of the market that wants a truck. If the truck has a nice cab that seats four or five, all the better, but we still want/need a truck.

I will be waiting for more information on the 2015 Chevy Colorado to become available and closely looking at it, waiting for the 2016MY and the diesel.

Also on a side note, I noticed that one of the Facebook groups for bringing the Amarok to the US has a recent post asking for people to reach out to VWoA and tell them that they want the Amarok. I’ve been saying the same thing here in Canada ever since I heard about the Amarok. So regardless of which side of the 49th parallel you are on, call your local VW dealership and call or email VW corporate and ask when you can get an Amarok in your driveway.



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