My American Readers, Would you buy a Canadian Amarok?

So I had a thought and I followed it up with a bit of quick research. It appears that it is relatively easy for an American to import a Canadian spec’d vehicle from Canada to the US. The website that I looked at basically broke the process down into four cases, the first case was that the vehicle met American specs as well, should be easy to import, the worst case was that the vehicle did not meet American emissions standards and would have to be specially imported. Assuming that the Amarok met American emission standards and the cost to modify the vehicle to meet other American standards were not huge would you import one?

Despite recent talks the chicken tax has not gone away, yet, so you would be looking at a 25% tariff on the cost of the vehicle, making it rather more expensive. However some people like what they like and have enough disposable income to justify to themselves the cost of expensive toys.

Note: Sorry about the link above, I couldn’t resist being a bit evil.

48 Hour update: So I posted a link to this post to a couple of Facebook groups that are dedicated to the Amarok coming to the US. At least a few people have indicated that they would buy a Canadian Amarok. Not scientific and not enough for real market research, but interesting none the less.

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  1. Clark says:

    Hi there – I wrote recently to VW Canada asking about the Amarok. Here is what they told me in an email reply. Hopefully this changes! Cheers.

    “Thank you for having taken the time to contact our Volkswagen Office regarding the availability of a the Volkswagen Amarok in Canada. Your file has been forwarded to my desk and I am happy to be able to assist with this matter.

    We were pleased to learn of your enthusiasm for our brand and products. At Volkswagen, we continually strive to offer vehicles that incorporate innovative technology that render them fuel efficient and environmentally sound, all the while being fun and exciting to drive.

    At this time, there are no plans to introduce the Volkswagen Amarok to the Canadian market. Your inquiry is important to us, however, as it helps us determine future courses of action and vehicle development for consumers in Canada. The details of your email have been documented and have been shared with our product-planning department. We expect that over the course of the next few years, we will be able to offer a wider array of vehicles in Canada.”

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