Amarok Ultimate

It appears that VW is making a small number of Amaroks available with the Ultimate brand.

“The Amorok Ultimate stakes out a higher level of poshness over plebian Amaroks with standard bi-xenon headlamps, a unique LED running lamp design, silver door mirror caps, and darkened taillights. The polished 19-inch “Aragonit” wheels, silver skid plate, and chrome side steps add more flash” – Car and Driver

For the moment it stands as another Amarok that we can’t have here in Canada. There isn’t any other news on the Amarok front as it relates to Canada, but rest assured that I will pass along anything that I hear.


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3 Responses to Amarok Ultimate

  1. Brad Loehr says:

    Talked to General Manager at VW Saskatoon. He said that 2016 they will be for sale.

    • steve says:

      I wonder if that means for sale in late 2015 as a 2016 Model Year or on sale in 2016 as a 2016/2107 Model Year.

      If they are available in 2015, that will mean they can compete with the diesel Chevy/GM mid-size offering.

  2. dwfdiesel says:

    Vw better hurry up some of us are already collecting the old age pension and there may be a bunch of us who will never be able to buy a VW truck at least until they are available at the pearly gates.
    Come on quit teasing us with the hyper-boil from Germany. We don’t have forever!!!

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