Stop 100

I recently became aware of the fact that the province of British Columbia has introduced a new maximum speed limit of 120 km/h for certain sections of divided highways. My native New Brunswick has had sections of divided highway at 110 km/h for approximately 15 years. So why do places like Ontario still have maximum speed limits of 100 km/h?

The first time I drove on the 401 in 1998, I simply followed along with traffic, everyone else was doing 130 km/h, so I just fell in with everyone else. Over all of my years of driving experience, I find that it is that one lone vehicle doing 85 km/h in a 100 zone that is the most dangerous. Everyone has to slow down, change lanes, move back, whereas if everyone was doing the same speed then there is a better flow.

The vast majority of drivers on highways like the 401 safely drive well above the posted speed limit on a regular basis.

There is an excellent video that Six7Films put together called “Speed Kills Your Pocketbook”, it is well worth the 15 minutes of your time. Available at the end of this post.

There is also another site, called, that is trying to raise awareness that we can safely increase the limits on Ontarian highways and it won’t result in the end of civilization.

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