Another Amarok First Drive

Some how I missed this article posted back in June on Canada MSN Autos.

Nice write up overall, the author hits on the major point stopping it from arriving in Canada, the much dreaded chicken tax. There were a couple of complaints that the author mentioned. The fact that it isn’t available in Canada was at the top of his list, he suggested calling all of our American friends and having them lobby Congress to get rid of the chicken tax. He also mentioned that Canadian competition was available with longer beds, perhaps he hasn’t seen the Amarok XXL, but I’m not certain if it is available in all markets. Finally he had comments on the cabin furnishings not being up to North American standards. The Amarok that I drove in Chile last summer was more than adequate as far as I was concerned, but perhaps not for everyone. However as the author pointed out, the Amarok will most likely see a refresh before we see it here on our shores.

Also notably there were a couple of comments from Thomas Tetzlaff.

VW Canada is “very interested in the vehicle, but the American ‘Chicken Tax’ makes its import Stateside very much a lost cause. Without the volume that could be generated by U.S. sales, the project costs are likely to make this a non-starter for us north of the border.”

Tetzlaff adds that VW Canada continues to evaluate the Amarok, “but I don’t want to create false hope.”

At this point with competition coming to the market, I will take an Amarok full of false hope, up until the day that I need to commit to a new vehicle.

Minor Update (28 October 2014): It was pointed out to me that the link above for the article no longer works. Not certain what happened to the article and I should have saved the author’s name. I will attempt to find the article and post a new link if possible.

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2 Responses to Another Amarok First Drive

  1. George Johnston says:

    Article on Amarok at MSN autos referenced does not exist. Even tried a search and nothing shows up there.

    • steve says:

      I searched as well, but nothing. Not certain if the archive/delete the articles after a specific time interval or what.

      I’ll periodically check and see if it turns up again.

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