Amarok Tuning

While many people would be happy with a stock Amarok here in Canada, there are a few of us that will want to modify it. Lift it, protect it, and then off road it. I found a German tuner that modified an Amarok and posted the results to their website. I think this also sell the parts, it is hard to tell because my German is weak. The name of the website is Michaelis Tuning, the youtube video of the Amarok in action isn’t much, but I’ve been to various parts of Germany and I suspect it must be difficult to find a good place to go offloading. So if Michaelis ever stumbles across this blog and wants to have his Amarok tested on Canadian soil, drop me an email and ship me the truck. I’ll send you videos. 🙂

Video: Amarok 33″ Monster by Michaelis Tuning

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