I walked about 19km today exploring this city, I tried to keep an eye out looking for Amarok’s, but I didn’t see any. VWs are rather common here though. If I were to count all of the vehicles that I actually recognized the brand of, I would say that at least half of them were members of the VW family. I’m not certain that I have seen a non-VW taxi.

I’m certain that there are traffic laws here and that they apply to the majority of road users, but after walking around for a while, I’m not so certain. There are lots of electric bikes/scooters here, there has to be some sort of reason that very few of them run with any lights on, maybe it saves power and increases the range. On the other hand running without lights, in the dark, going the wrong way on one way streets, would in my mind only shorten the life expectancy of both the operator and bike. From what I can tell, helmets are completely optional, lights optional, horn mandatory, multiple passengers and precariously balanced cargo are also mandatory.

Pretty much every vehicle is sounding their horn pretty much constantly if there is another vehicle in their vicinity. Flashing of the high beams is also another requirement. I saw things today that would result in road rage and a good beating in North America, but here it is all just part of the process of getting around.

I had briefly considered the idea of renting a vehicle and going for a drive, but in reality I don’t think my sanity would survive. I would take it too personally when I would inevitably get honked at. I think I’ll just take a day and explore the city a bit further and maybe find someplace to have a few beer.


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2 Responses to Shanghai

  1. John says:

    Does anyone know whether vw Canada will sell the amarok in Canada in 2015? Is there a definite release date?

    • steve says:

      No one outside of VW knows for certain, recent remarks by the head of Media Relations for VW Canada seem to indicate that it is still being evaluated and they they do not want to get up false hopes or start rumours at this point. So definitely no firm release date.

      Once we start seeing numbers for the new offerings from GMC/Chevrolet this might spur movement from VW. I have heard several people indicate that it would be available as a 2016 model year, but that was not official.

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